Elleni Ioannou

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 5.40.54 PMElleni Koulos Ioannou has been involved with the St. Anthony Dance program for 30 years. Her passion for Greek dance began at the age of 6 when she attended her first FDF with the Neolea Dancers. She has directed and danced in multiple groups at St. Anthony – most notably Asterakia (2003-2013), Filarakia(2008), Dio Deka(2011), Spitha(2014-2015), Pyrkagia (2003). She currently works as an adviser and mentor to many Jr. Directors at St. Anthony.

Elleni has enjoyed studying and presenting the dances, costumes, customs and traditions of several regions of Greece: Asvestades-Thrace, Thessaly, the Vlach Vilages of the Pindos and Grammousta Regions, Haropo-Serres, Megara and Kefallonia. Elleni is currently working on creating a university level course on Greek Folk Customs, Dance and Traditions.

When not Greek dancing, Elleni works a licensed clinical psychologist and mom. She splits her time between being the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at the University of La Verne, and her newly opened private practice -PsychE Therapy Inc. Elleni has passed on the love of Greek dance to her 2 children who are just as passionate about Greek dance and are now dancing in Neolea.