Dina Tsambunieris

DinaDina Tsambunieris started Greek dancing at 6 years old and attended her first FDF in 1989. Growing up Dina lived to dance and became technically trained in everything from jazz and hip hop to cheerleading and African dance. This diverse dance experience shaped Dina as a director as she applied teaching techniques form the various disciplines to break down the basics of traditional Greek dance. Dina began directing at St Sophia Cathedral in 2002 and has taught multiple award winning groups including Trikimia and Keravnos who won Sweepstakes in 2010 and 2011. She was also awarded the coveted Directors Award in 2012.

Dina has always had a deep connection to her Karpathian heritage which was passed onto her by her grandparents. As a director she was inspired to share a different side of her island. When people hear Karpathos they typically think Olymbos, but Dina sought to pay tribute to the diversity in tradition and style that exists from village to village by presenting her village of Spoa at FDF. Beyond the drive to share and preserve Greek dance and Greek culture, Dina’s ultimate prize has been helping to develop the dance program at St. Sophia, providing an outlet for dancers to come together, build lasting friendships and a connection to the church.