Cassie Nickols

CASSIE NICKOLSDr. Cassie Nickols has been Greek folk dancing for over 20 years.  The daughter of two Greek dancers, (one an FDF judge), who met at the intersection over 40 years ago, Greek music and Greek dancing have been a huge and very important part of her life.  Cassie shares her love of Greek music by performing Dimotika with her brother Dr. Nick Nickols, and she shares her love of Greek dance by directing two FDF-award-winning dance groups at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Northridge. She encourages her adult and high school dancers to focus on the different styles of each region and shares the research she has done with them so they can understand and appreciate the traditions they are learning.  A Doctor of Musical Arts and a professional musician, Cassie uses her knowledge of music to break down complicated steps and rhythms so that her dancers understand the essential relationship between music and dance. She hopes to inspire future directors and dancers by encouraging them to dance authentically but with heart and soul.