Bessie Stavropoulos

Bessie picBessie Stavropoulos was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and has lived there most of her life. Greek dancing was a huge passion from a very young age but began dancing competitively in a group at her church, St. John the Baptist, when she was eight years old. The first FDF she attended was in 1987 and has attended almost every single FDF since then as either a dancer, director or both. She began directing at the age of 15 and continued directing the groups at St. John’s for 20+ years. She has attended countless dance workshops throughout the US, Canada and Greece. She organized the Horepse workshops in Las Vegas where she collaborated with many instructors and musicians from Greece. Her last year directing the St. John’s groups was in 2010. She then moved to Epirus, Greece in 2012 and has been living there since where she continues to attend workshops and participate in local traditions and panygiria. She became an FDF judge in 2012 and a judge at HDF in 2014.