Louis Kades

Louis KadesLouis Kades was born in Los Angeles to Greek immigrants from Arkadia in the Peloponnese. Growing up he was exposed to the traditional songs, dances and customs from his parents’ homeland. An avid dance enthusiast from an early age, he eventually became involved in the operations of the Folk Dance Festival in 1990 and continued to be on the FDF Board of Trustees until 2008. Striving to expand his knowledge of dance and culture beyond his parents’ villages he has participated in various workshops and seminars including helping to organize several workshops. Through these workshops he has cultivated friendships with many instructors and villagers throughout Greece. One of his key interests is in Greek folk music and he loves to play the daouli and the doumbeleki. He met his wife Vicki (Apostolou) Kades originally from Seattle, WA through FDF and from 2003-2006 they co-directed the award winning Pyrkagia. Over the years he has consulted and assisted various directors with their groups.