Danny Staveris

Danny 1Danny Staveris began Greek dancing in the Bay Area at the age of 5 and never looked back having participated as a dancer or director at every FDF for the last 35 years. Danny directed his first group, Dionysos 1, in 1990. He has since directed numerous award-winning groups in Oakland and San Francisco including Anemos, Chrysi Aetoi and Palio Skolio. Danny was also awarded the coveted FDF Directors Award in 2003.

As a director Danny has studied multiple regions including Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Epirus and the Dodecanese. He is an excellent example of what is possible when directors tap into local resources having collaborated with Vasili Contos and Dean Avdalas to further his understanding of the Dodecanese and Anatoliki Roumelia. Danny also takes great pride in the research he has personally compiled on the people and dances of Sarakatsan as well as the Vlach communities in Greece.

Despite a Kefalonia bloodline and a love for Kalymnian melodies, Danny’s heart beats Macedonian. Danny became immersed in the Macedoian culture during his travels to Agios Germanos with Yianni Konstandinou. He furthered his research and understanding of Promaxi in addition to other Macedonian villages with the guidance and expertise of Joe Graziosi. Danny is strong believer in the importance of teaching dancers the complex rhythms found in Macedonia, and he attributes much of his success as a teacher to his dancer’s strong foundation in these rhythms.